How To Take Amazing Portraits At Home Without Special Lighting Equi

With this post I want to open my regular series of “How To…” My goal is to share some of my knowledge with you, my clients, so you can take even better pictures at home.

Today I will share with you my very best advise and tip: How to take amazing portraits at home without special lighting equipment.


First of all – YOU NEED LIGHT!

Even if I mentioned in a name of the post without special lighting equipment. But believe me you have the best light source at home! and it’s your window. (Unless you live in a basement without windows – I’m sorry if this the case).


Window light is the best light source ever. It’s bright but very soft.

Now about the positioning your subject. Place the person you are photographing in front of you and next to the window with the wall behind them. So the light coming from the side. And let her/him turn their face slightly towards the window.



Now you have nice shadows on the face of the person so it doesn’t look flat but

You can either include the window into a frame or just take an amazing photo of the person using the wall behind as a background.

Now go and play with it.