Photography Before Editing or See Back Of My Camera

Many photographers don’t show the back of their cameras as they need to enhance and edit the photos before they will expose them to the clients. And it is fair, I think my clients deserve the best, perfect results. And the photos I take also go through the process of editing and enhancing.

But I’m not afraid of my straight out of camera results as a good professional photographer knows what he is doing and always aims to get the best result in the camera before he even gets to editing.

Today I have decided to show you some of my photography before editing. So you could see the back of my camera. (And I probably post the same photos after I do some edits later).

This photo session was done for a young model Vlada at the Innovation Place Park by the Bowfins Club in Saskatoon.

As I previously these photos were uploaded straight out of the camera with no enhancement or edits.



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